Easily Manage, Rapidly Secure Public And Private Cloud Deployments With VM-Series Virtual Firewalls

Key Customer Benefits of VM-Series Virtual Firewalls
The shift to the cloud may be complicated for organizations. The chaos of underperforming legacy solutions, decentralized and inefficient security tools, and increasingly sophisticated attacks makes security challenges even more difficult to monitor and control.

Forrester Research reveals how Palo Alto Networks VM-Series Virtual Next-Generation Firewalls provide network-wide protection and visibility, stringent threat protection, and automated and scalable network security. 

Access this exclusive Forrester Spotlight report to learn:

  • What capabilities your network security should have
  • How customers are significantly reducing data breaches and mean time to resolution
  • Security challenges with traditional firewall

Learn how to implement an approach to public and private cloud network security to avoid the pitfalls of complex hybrid cloud environments.